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Renovations & Extensions

Your Brisbane Renovations & Extension Specialists

One of the great things about building is that with the right renovations and extensions, you can turn a good house into a great house.

Rinofin Constructions has the experience and knowledge to help you choose just where to start when it comes to transforming a home into your dream home.

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Custom home builders Brisbane

Large Scale, Home Transformation Renovations

Changing up your home is exciting and a lot of fun – for both builders and homeowners – particularly those large scale renovations where we get to see a home space transformed, and the value of your property potentially increase exponentially, when done right.

What type of renovations are right for you?

Rinofin Constructions can take care of all residential renovation projects, including:

  • Kitchens |as the heart of the home and a room which sees a lot of mileage, the kitchen is a great place to start your renovations, or extensions to expand the space!
  • Bathrooms |these are the rooms in the house that see a lot of wear and tear over time, not to mention being afflicted by outdated interior design from years past. A fresh renovation makes your new bathroom a pleasure to use – and to clean!
  • Outdoor areas |renovations and extensions to patios, verandas, and backyard spaces can create the perfect spot for entertaining your guests or enjoying the outdoors.
  • Entertainment Areas |is it time to revamp your rumpus room, games room, or living/dining area? The right renovations just add to the enjoyment.
  • Full Home Makeovers |what to do when you love your property and house location, but not the interior design and layout of your home? Full home makeover to the rescue!

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Smaller Renovations | Make a Difference

The beauty of renovations is that they can be done on any scale, from large to small. It’s amazing how much of a difference some well-placed, strategic renovations can make to a home. Rinofin services from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast and all the suburbs around and in between.

Some smaller renovations and extensions to consider include:

  • Decks |create more outdoor space with a new deck, or adding extensions to your existing decking.
  • Roof Re-Sheeting |if your home can be likened to a senior citizen, it’s quite likely that you need to re-sheet your roof to ensure that it remains safe, secure, and free from leaks!
  • Single Room Makeovers or Additions |opt to makeover a single area or room in your house, like transforming an old room into your home yoga space or games room, or adding a granny flat.
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House Raising | The What, Why, & How To Do It

  • What |house raising is the process of raising up a house above the ground, either permanently or temporarily.
  • Why |house raising is used to create more building space for renovations, improve your views, conduct repair work on foundations, and / or reduce environmental hazards such as flooding.
  • How |house raising is a job that requires professional construction skills and appropriate council approvals.

Rinofin Constructions offer house raising services for your convenience, and / or as part of our home renovations.

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Renovations That Work for You
The Perfect Balance Between Budget & A Beautiful Outcome

At Rinofin Constructions, we aim to help you create the home you want, within the budget you can afford.

For instance, if you’re on a tighter budget for now, but will be in the position to conduct further renovations in future, we can help you decide what to prioritise now, and what to leave for the next stage(s).

With tailored advice that’s unique to your situation, we can offer professional guidance on how best to go about your renovations and extensions, to create the boutique, beautiful home of your dreams.

Custom home builders Brisbane

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